Our Services

WodFix Capital LLC is providing financial and advisory services. We are worldwide recommended solutions team partners with financial service providers to provide finances to individuals, small businesses and commercial businesses as well. We provide equity and quasi-equity capital in microfinance institutions, funding projects and technical assistance to start-ups projects with low interest rate and long term repayment plans.

WodFix Capital LLC is a venture capital firm. We are geographically interested in the Americans, Asia, Africa and Europe and generally invest in multiple sectors like Biopharma, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Power Generation, Constructions, Manufacturing, Mining, Agricultural Projects, Research, Media & Entertainment and worth up to $25B assets under management.

Business Services

WodFix Capital LLC in collaboration with our investment banking scheme is specialize and designed to facilitate lucrative business operation to our clients by providing capital expenditure financing and equity contribution services.

However, we also commonly offer brokerage services for investors, act as market makers for trading exchanges, acquisitions and other corporate streamlining. We ensure to make your dream a reality and your investment plans a success. Whatever your vision is, WodFix Capital LLC can help create a clear, easy-to-understand financial strategy simply customized for you.

Therefore, do not hesitate to cooperate with us and achieve astonishing results on your investments endeavors.